Taxi Ranks / Stands

Use a Radio Taxi in the Following Ways

Hailing for a Taxi

  • By phoning our call centre (tel. 26950 48400).Say exactly where and in which area you are, e.g:  I would like a taxi, outside the «EPTANISA» supermarket in the area of «LAGANAS». Our agent will give you a number that will be in the top right hand corner of the taxi’s windscreen.  Please, do not move from where you are and only use the taxi bearing the number given to you by the call centre.
  • By going to a taxi rank and mandatorily using the first taxi in line. Below we provide you with all the taxi ranks and their exact locations throughout the island, with maps.
  • By hailing a passing taxi on the road; in condition that the point it picks you up is situated at a distance greater than 150 m from the nearest taxi stand!