Zakynthos Island Info

(ACREAGE: 407.5 km², POPULATION: 39000)

Taxi Ranks

Zakynthos Historical Outline

1475 B.C    colonized by the Arcadians!
  218 B.C    destroyed by Hannibal!
  217 B.C    conquered by Philip II!
  214 B.C    conquered by the Romans!
  150 B.C    re-conquered by the Romans!
  191 A.D    occupied by the Romans!
  395 A.D    looted by the Visigoths and the Huns!
  466 A.D    occupied by the Vandals!
  884 A.D    liberated by the Byzantines!
1147 A.D    conquered by the Venetians!
1189 A.D    liberated by the Byzantines!
1204 A.D    conquered by the Venetians!
1337 A.D    ceded to the king of Naples!
1357 A.D    ceded to king Tocco!
1479 A.D    looted by the Turks!
1484 A.D    purchased by the Venetians!
1797 A.D    occupied by the French!
1798 A.D    seized by the Russians and the Turks!
1809 A.D    occupied by the English!
1864 A.D    united with Greece!

Zakynthos Weather

In this page we provide information about the weather conditions in Zakynthos. In the table below, are given the average monthly values.

During the summer months and especially in August, rainfall is very rare, while north winds are very common in this month.

These winds, known as "Meltemia" blow from north to south usually starting after 14:00 - 15:00 pm. If you prefer calmer waters for swimming, we recommend you to go to beaches on the south side of the island.